Louise Sedgman Equine Photography

Equine Couture...taking your portraits to the next level

Come with me into a world where elegance and beauty come together! A unique and individual photo experience where creating divine and timeless art is the objective. Whether it be ball gowns and the ocean, fairies in the garden, a woodland goddess or whatever else you can imagine, I invite you to indulge in this creative journey with me. Every detail is considered. From sourcing fine costumes to building and creating props that tell the story, this experience is next level.  Be pampered with hair and makeup. Celebrate your creativity and individuality as well as the love you share with your horse.

What to expect during your Equine Couture Session...

Each photo shoot is a collaboration. It begins with conversations about the concepts and ideas you have in mind. A discussion about locations, lighting, props and what story we are going to tell with your images. I have access to a wide variety of costumes including hats, couture gowns, jewellery and shoes. A variety of props and more. What I don’t have, we will find or make ourselves. The production process is exciting and seeing our ideas come together bit by bit, makes the whole process a fabulous journey, making the final photo shoot a grand event indeed.

Cost to you...

Pricing for a couture session is done on an individual basis and quoted at the time of booking. Photos from your session are additional with gorgeous heirloom photos starting at $338. Beautiful wall art frames or canvases from $578 and packages from $1478. The average client spend is between 2 and 3k but you can spend as little as a few hundred dollars, or I’ve had clients spend over 20k. That’s all up to you. There is no obligation to purchase anything at all (an easy payment plan option is available if you do). 

Once you’ve decided you’d love to experience an incredible equine couture session, all you need to do now is give me a call on 0412 942 897 and get the party started!

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