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Beautiful Fine Art Pet Pawtraits

Hi there pet lover! Have you ever imagined capturing the heart and soul of your pet in a beautiful fine art pawtrait?  A piece of art to adorn your home for years to come? If you have, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to my Fine Art studio style and outdoor Pet Pawtraits.

These limited Pet Pawtrait sessions are perfect for capturing the unique personality of your pet in a studio-style portrait shoot here in my Drouin studio, or outdoors on location nearby. (In home sessions are available if your pet gets anxious away from home, talk to me about in-home shoot details and availability)

Each session is designed to be fun and stress-free, and I aim to capture your pet’s true character and expression. On arrival, we will take a few moments to let your pet relax in the space or location, and when comfortable, we will make some magic. With over ten years experience working with pets of all shapes and sizes, you can rest assured I know what it takes to get the best from your pet. Don’t worry if your pet is tricky to recall, photos can be captured with the lead on and some post-editing magic will remove it. Easy Peasy!

In the studio, Pets of all kinds are welcome! Dogs, Cats, Bunnies, Chookies, Birds of all sorts, Ferrets, Lizards, Snakes you name it. If you love your pet, then so do we! On-location sessions are better suited to dogs but if you can pop your pet on a lead, then we can make it work outdoors.

We have cute props available and all the things needed to make your session a success, with a very pet friendly, quite atmosphere in the studio, and special dog-friendly, private locations for outdoor sessions. 

Treats and toys, as well as a few special blingy pieces,  are available if you fancy some extra flair, or feel free to bring your own.

What to expect during your Pet Pawtrait session...

On arrival to the studio or outdoor location,  please make sure your pet is on a lead or in a suitable carrier and remains on the lead, so we can maintain their attention. This is so they don’t get distracted by all the different and exciting new smells and their mind stays on the job at hand.

Most pets don’t take long to get used to the surroundings, but we will let your pet settle in for a few minutes while we chat and finalize the details. We will then take some gorgeous photos of your pet/s.  I like to allow plenty of time for your session, so you can expect to be here anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. It just depends on your pet.

A few days after the shoot, you will visit the studio again and see your gorgeous photos in a cinematic-style photo reveal. It’s the best bit when you get to see the gorgeous photographs we created for the first time. 

Cost to you...

   Your Pet Pawtrait photo session booking fee is $100. This is payable at the time of booking and includes your photo session either in the studio or at a nearby location, with one or two pets. It also includes your cinematic-style photo reveal and purchasing session a few days later.

Photographs are additional with gorgeous heirloom photos starting at $338. Beautiful wall art frames or canvases from $578 and packages from $1478. The average client spend is between 2 and 3k but you can spend as little as a few hundred dollars, or I’ve had clients spend over 20k. That’s all up to you. There is no obligation to purchase anything at all (an easy payment plan option is available if you do).

As everything is completely custom-made here in Australia for you, your photo order is ready for you to collect in around 6 to 8 weeks, via pick up or courier/post.

Each printed photograph purchased comes with the corresponding digital file for social media sharing and a larger file for you to print up to approx A4. These are no charge, they are my special gift to you.  


How to book your session...

If you’re ready to book, just give me a call now on 0412 942897, I can’t wait to chat.

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