Louise Sedgman Equine Photography


I learned so much about horse body language, stature and how a horse looks best in photos. I loved that I learned about the settings you would recommend and best lens to use. But most of all I enjoyed the relaxed style in which you conducted your class. I felt relaxed and comfortable.

My expectations were met. You never know, going into a workshop, exactly what to expect but a stunning horse on the beach was definitely delivered. I guess the beach was different to what I expected, given that I live on the Mornington Peninsula, but I actually really liked the atmosphere and different look to the beaches I am used to. I cannot fault your learning style, the model, horse or food. It was all great and I’m really looking forward to doing more of your workshops.

Jane – jjarman@aapt.net.au – Beach Masterclass 2023


Our guest speaker, Louise was brilliant to listen to last night!   Just loved her photos, special stories and information.

Certainly one of the best presenters I’ve seen. Really enjoyed it.

She was amazing, wasn’t she.

She was excellent. I love how she makes connection with her subjects, the thought she puts into her work, and how she brings her knowledge of horses into achieving the best results. She gave us exquisite images, great stories, and informative technical information and she presented it all so well. When a speaker makes me really want to go out and take photos, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Thanks Louise and thanks Bec for organising.

I have no interest in horses or photographing them whatsoever but I found Louise’s presentation surprisingly enjoyable.  It’s always amazing to hear people who are passionate about what they do talk about their work.  Many thanks to Louise and all involved.

Knox Photographic Society Presentation 2022 – Comments from members


Over the years I have done a number of practical workshops with Louise which were all fabulous. Real world locations to get familiar with the camera and fun learning. Today a workshop on editing – certainly got the mind whirring. There is SO much to know. Thanks Louise you’ve given me enough knowledge and info to be getting a start with it all.

Nicola – nicoff65@gmail.com – Introduction to Editing and Workflow


Just a quick note to say a big thank you for last weekends workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day, which has confirmed to me that I was on the right track with Lightroom, however I certainly did learn a few things about Photoshop. The outcome I was looking for from your workshop was certainly achieved. The knowledge I’ve gained has definitely improved my workflow in Lightroom and I’ll start using Photoshop when needed in the processing of my raw photos. Finally, I also enjoyed the interaction with you, Nicola, Mary and Carolyn, it really made the day!

Mark – mlsejones@bigpond.com -Introduction to Editing and Workflow


You can see that Louise is a very talented photographer and this extends into her workshops. Louise’s 3x workshops for beginners I found relaxed, full of information and has given me more confidence in using my camera. Exactly why I took these classes, thank-you Louise ?

Jane – Introduction to Photography


The portrait photography workshop at Wild Dog Winery with Louise was fantastic and I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about photography as a beginner or advanced. Louise’s knowledge and expertise was amazing and was very helpful with anything I needed or wanted to know. She gave positiveand professional advice which I can now take away and it will help me improve and take beautiful and creative photographs
Thanks Louise!

Erin – erin_83@live.com.au – Wild Dog Winery Portrait Workshop


One thing that blew my mind was taking photos of the sun through the trees. I did not expect using the aperture F22 would create such an affect. Grace was great. Really worked with the group well. And gave me something to work for.

Andrew – awale@bigpond.net.au – Wild Dog Winery Portrait Workshop


It was fantastic to finally understand how to take a good photo, this day has taught me so much, and I realise how little I know!! I enjoyed the day immensely and personally got heaps out of it.

Tammara – tm@gpquarries.com.au – Toorongo Falls Workshop


Thank you Louise for a wonderful day of fun and learning.Louise is so easy to get on with and has so much knowledge about photography, but the thing i really love is that she explaines things really well and at a level that i could understand. We had the best day of Photography in the rain and the group was really relaxed and not rushed. I would definatly recommend Louise workshops to other people.

Glennie – mikeglenniephotos@gmail.com -Toorongo Falls Workshop


Loved it!! Small group numbers meant loads of opportunity for questions, and heaps of actual hands-on learning. You simplified things, the relationship between ISO, aperture and shutter speed settings. I now understand the part of the equation that was always missing for me. Now I get to have so much more fun making that part of the equation work for me. Thank you so much!

Danielle – dan_woollard@hotmail.com – Old Gippstown Beginners workshop


“As an “older” pupil, I was a little worried about picking things up. Louise, and indeed the other ladies in the group, were great and I did not feel like an idiot when it took me a little longer to grasp a few things! We were shown many different aspects of photographing any one object/scene whichwe had not even thought of.Great experience, the time went sooo quickly!! Louise was very patient, knows her stuff, and I would love to do another course in the near future!”

Lorraine – freebutterfly_3@yahoo.com.au –  Old Gippstown Beginners workshop


“I would highly recommend your class to anyone who is interested in photography. You were a huge help to everyone who attended. Thanks again. Since I broke my back, I have lacked enthusiasm for taking photos, but since attending your course, it has given me back my drive and for that, I want to thank you.”

Rachel – sweety_pie44@hotmail.com – Old Gippstown Beginners workshop


“I had just completed an 8 week course on line but after completing this session with Louise I realize the on – line course just gave me the basics. Iam really thankful for the help that Louise gave me in showing me how my camera and tripod should work.I am now going to keep practicing with the knowledge learnt to get better photos. Already I feel my photos have improved as before I was very scared to take night photos but I now know how to get the light trails of traffic”

Cheryl – grannychez@hotmail.com – St Kilda Pier/Luna Park night workhop


“My private tutorial with Louise was fantastic. I received a new camera and really wanted to be able to use it to its full capabilities instead of just pointing and shooting. I learnt that there is a real science to photography and Louise really knows her stuff and can explain it well so its easy to understand. I walked away feeling a lot more confident about taking great photos. Thanks Louise xx”

Natalie – nataliekay1@bigpond.com – One on One session


“What a fantastic afternoon. I learnt so many things about my camera and can’t believehow easy it is to use my camera in manual mode. I would love to domore workshops now to further hone on the skills I learnt from Louise. Thanks so much.”

Linda – lwjb@dcsi.net.au – Wild Dog Winery Portrait workshop


“The weather was terrible, rain and wind. I thought we would get there to find it cancelled but it wasn’t! Louise found us a spot that we could still get good shots and learn new techniques.When we moved to Luna Park the lack of people was to our advantage and Louise arranged for us to do things I am sure are not readily available on a ‘normal’ night.She showed her versatility and dedication to her clients in the way she handled the extraordinary elements, yet still gave us a great class.”

Mary-Anne – mav20@bigpond.com – St Kilda Pier/Luna Park Night workshop


“As always Louise you gave us opportinity to listen, learn,play and practice in a fun environment. The planning, preparation and delivery of the workshop was well thought out. Follow up notes really helpful to reflect on.”

Nicola – nicoff65@gmail.com – Jam Jerrup Night Workshop


“Loved that we met for lunch before the workshop. I felt a bit like the odd one out given that the other participants had done previous workshops. This put me at ease by getting to know everyone in an informal setting. Loved that you kept in contact via email and the friendly text an hour or so before the workshop made me feel at ease. You are very friendly and approachable and I found that to be great in boosting my confidence. The small group was the most amazing part! Loved that! Enabled everyone to get some time with you.”

Danielle – dtgorman@hotmail.com – Wild Dog Winery Portrait Photography Workshop


“Another great workshop. Heaps of information shared and heaps of hands on assistance. Great model to work with. Lots of questions answered!”

Rachael – rgood40@hotmail.com – Wild Dog Winery Portrait Photography Workshop


“Enjoyed the friendly and relaxed workshop packed full of great ideas and advice. Just when you think you know a fair bit about photography Louise gives you her valuable tips to add to your kit. I came away with some great new ideas for my photography.”

Bruce – bruce@brucelangdon.com.au – Toorongo Falls Photography Workshop


“With every workshop I learn something new.  It’s great how people with a common interest just seem to gel, which makes the whole experience even more worthwhile”

Toni – brentwood.toni.t1@edumail.vic.gov.au – Mt St Gwinear/Walhalla Photography Workshop


“This was a fantastic workshop with amazing weather to enhance our experience. Louise arranged the day perfectly which took away any apprehension about driving in the snow.  Our time at Mount St. Gwinear, albeit short, was packed with amazing things to photograph.  Louise was ready and willing to answer all of our technical questions, resulting in amazing shots I am rapt with.  This is not my first workshop with Louise, and it won’t be my last!”

Susan – Suzyq75@tpg.com.au – Mt St Gwinear/Walhalla Photography Workshop


“I just wanted to say a big thankyou to Louise and all of the fellow photographers who took part in the Equine Photography Workshop today. It was a beautiful location, gorgeous subject matter and a great learning experience. I cannot recommend Louise’s workshops enough – she is a great presenter and catered for more experienced people, as well as those just starting out. If you are thinking about attending a session, do not hesitate; it is money well spent :-)”

Kelly – kelly@precisetraining.com.au – Equine Photography Workshop


“I have taken two of Louise Sedgman workshops and enjoyed Louise’s direct yet informal style of tutoring, and her friendly, hands-on approach. I work as a freelance photographer myself – mostly family and music festival photography – and love the way that Louise’s workshops cater for all levels of experience, from beginner level to professionals wanting to keep their skills up-to-date. Sharing ideas, inspirations and technical tips with other budding and professional photographers is a wonderful experience, and Louise clearly puts a lot of care and thought into each workshop. I was stoked to leave each workshop with some awesome pictures that I could add to my portfolio and website. Thanks Louise :-)”

Cath – cath.mclennan@gmail.com – Glenfyne Wedding Photography Workshop


“Thanks Louise, I think it was a fantastic way to learn. It got me off semi-automatic settings, but boy the manual settings are daunting, now to find some time to practice, practice, practice”

Nicola – nicoff65@gmail.com – St Kilda Pier/Luna Park


“In a relaxed environment I was able to explore the features of my camera further resulting in some great scenic shots, thanks Louise I will definitely attend another workshop.”

Sonia – lombardos5@bigpond.com – St Kilda Pier/Luna Park


“I loved it! Finally knowing how to manually use my camera is terrific! It’s one thing to learn the terms and principles of photography (like I did in school) but to actually be personally be taught these things on your own camera, by someone with such extensive knowledge is unbelievable!”

Emily – giggly_girl94@hotmail.com – Old Gippstown workshop


“I would definitely recommend having lessons with Louise if you wish to get further acquainted with your camera and become more creative with your photography. With small classes in beautiful outdoor settings you will be inspired, after going to Janalli Gardens, Tooronga Falls and Old Gippstown I am looking forward to doing more lessons with Louise.”

Margaretha – margmiller53@yahoo.com.au – Old Gippstown workshop


“Thank you Louise for a lovely day had a great time, I want to go back to do more.. already!! Awesome day.”

Rebecca – bek206@dodo.com.au – Toorongo Falls workshop


“It was a beautiful day & we had so much fun! You are an amazing photographer & an awesome teacher & I am so greatful for the opportunity you have given me. Thanks so much for everything, i’m looking forward to many more workshops in the future!”

Lisa – wilsonwhateva@gmail.com – Toorongo Falls workshop


“Thank you Louise I had a great time last night at your coastal workshop and learnt lots. You are a brilliant teacher!!”

Jan – lozmark1957@gmail.com – JamJerrup Night Workshop


“Louise – I had a great time last night. You are such a natural teacher and had all of us taking fantastic shots!”

Ngaire – brownngaire@gmail.com – JamJerrup Night Workshop July 27th 2013

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