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It’s really easy to book.  Just go to www.thefotocreative.com.au and select the workshop page that interests you. On each workshop/masterclass page there is a ‘Book Your Spot Now’ button. Click on it and it will take you through the simple process.

Several of the Introductory workshops can accomodate any sort of camera, from a small compact camera, right through to a DSLR. Many compact cameras do have manual settings and can be used to great success. However, you will find a DSLR more suited to the night workshops and those involving long exposures. A DSLR camera is absolutely recommended for any Masterclass workshop, but is not essential. 

Any workshop involving slow shutter speeds, low light or night photography will absolutely require a tripod. If you don’t own one, I can lend you one.

The workshop/masterclass will continue if it is only light rain or showers. Heavy rain or conditions that would be considered dangerous such as extreme wind or lightening may result in the workshop being cancelled. I will be in touch regularly with you prior to your workshop with any relevant information that you need to know.

We require a minimum of 7days notice if you can no longer attend a workshop or Masterclass. All monies paid are non-refundable with less than 7 days notice, but can be used towards any other future workshop or masterclass.

In the event of any workshop or masterclass being cancelled, all money paid will be refunded in full or can be used toward any other workshop or masterclass.

Not all of the workshops require you to sign an indemnity waiver, however,  some of the more adventurous workshops and masterclasses require you to do so as a declaration that you are aware of the conditions that you will be in such as potential muddy or slippery tracks, steep or rough terrain, low vision at night etc or working with animals/horses.

Yes, you can certainly bring a non photography friend or partner on your workshop. However, some workshops where your lunch, morning or afternoon tea is provided will inccur a small additional fee to cover those costs. Details are listed on the individual workshop information page. For masterclasses please get in touch for more details.

Clothing that is appropriate to the weather conditions and the workshop you are attending is recommended. At the outdoor workshops, you may find yourself laying or kneeling on the ground or leaning over all kinds of things in your photography adventure, so it is important that you are comfortable, warm/cool and not worried about getting a little dusty, muddy or dirty. Shoe’s should be comfortable and capable of keeping your feet warm and dry, particularly in the outdoor environments and at night. If attending a masterclass, please wear shoes safe and suitable around horses.

Workshop numbers are kept to a minimum so I can offer you lots of one on one time, so you get the best possible learning experience. A minimum of two/three is usually required for any workshop to go ahead and the maximum on most workshops is approx 6.

A ‘Masterclass’ workshop is aimed at the advanced enthusiast or semi professional photographer and they tend to be more on the creative side. We welcome all skill levels, but basic camera settings are generally not taught in-depth during a masterclass.

Most photography competitions do not allow the use of images captured during a workshop/masterclass to be entered, unless you are the worshop host. You can however enter Camera club competions, VAPS and APS competitions and local shows and I encourage you to do so, it’s great for your photography development. Using images taken during a workshop/masterclass for self promotion is simply not ethical. You did not create, set up, pre-visualize or come up with the concept or have any part in the design process.  Images captured under those conditions do not show your creative talent, but that of the workshop host. The whole idea of attending a workshop is to learn and then go and create your own unique concepts and ideas.

Absolutely, yes you can, I am available for private photography tuition at $120 per hour for enthusiast photographers. Just contact me to discuss your specific needs. Tutoring is held in my studio, or at a convenient location to you, or at your home. Travel fees may apply for distances over 30klm from Drouin, Vic. Private workshops can also be arranged for small groups at a discounted rate.

Please Note: Mentoring for Professional Photographers is occasionally available upon request only.

Yes, to the best of our ability. We insist that if you are unwell, that you please DO NOT attend the workshop. Your booking can be moved to another workshop or the same workshop on a different date.

All current government guidelines and current health warnings will be abided by. 

If you have any further questions that you would like answered, or you think should be on this page, please contact me.

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