Aipp Accreditation 2015

AIPP Accreditation

Joining the AIPP as an accredited professional photographer in 2015.

Its taken me a while to build the courage and a portfolio I felt was worthy of submitting to the AIPP for assessment to become an accredited member.
I guess it may not mean much for many, you may not have even heard of the AIPP. So let me fill you in.

Photography in Australia is largely unregulated. There are many, many, MANY photographers out there operating however they see fit to run their business, or whatever they call it. Some are simply shoot and burners, photographing whatever they can for a few bucks and supplying all 726 images on a cd for next to nothing.
These people often operate without any kind of legal knowledge, without insurance or proper documentation of any sort. And sadly they are doing our industry great harm. And making it REALLY hard for the rest of us who invest many thousands of dollars in education, gear, legal responsibilities etc to ensure we run our business to the highest possible standard, and a business that is sustainable and capable of making a living from.

The Australian Institute of Professional Photographers is the closest thing we have to a regulatory body. They have guidelines set for the running of a photography business, ensuring their members are legal, that they work to a certain standard with integrity and professionalism. And that they operate their business within the law, and to a very high industry standard.

To become accredited, you must submit 20 images for assessment by three independent judges. You must also provide evidence of your insurance, and evidence that you have been operating your business for a minimum of two years. You must also pledge that you will continue to grow and improve your professional development by attending the many clinics, demos, workshops etc that the AIPP run for their members to continue to better themselves and their business.

I am very proud to say I am now an accredited professional photographer with the AIPP, and I am really looking forward to meeting and learning from a whole new world of professional people in the industry. Bring it on!!!!!

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