An equine fantasy photo shoot, the stuff dreams are made of…What’s stopping you?

Imagine an equine fantasy photo shoot where your magical dreams come to life, where the special bond between you and your horse is captured in the most divinely, ethereal photographs, and a little bit of magic becomes reality. As an equine portrait photographer, I love nothing more than creating incredible art for my clients. Art that is meaningful, fun to create and beautiful. I LOVE to get creative for my clients, my workshops and masterclasses, and often I collaborate with other creatives to bring the visions I have in my head or theirs, to reality. There’s always lots of discussion around props, colour’s, locations, hair and makeup, horses, safety and a million other things that go into

 the production of creating something that is above and beyond the norm. Planning in the production stage is key to bringing any grand idea successfully and safely to fruition.

During a creative portrait shoot, attention to detail and sharing ideas is a key part of the planning process. Coming together with storyboards, and brainstorming ideas are the starting point to creating a magical experience. What starts as an idea in your head quickly becomes a reality when you put something on paper. No matter how crazy or wild, with imagination, determination, the right people around you and a bit of elbow grease, we can bring it to life.

So what stops you from living your dream and creating some magic? One of the most significant obstacles i find that prevents people from embarking on a fantasy equine portrait photo shoot is self-doubt. You might worry about how you look, how your horse will behave, or your ability to pose elegantly. Perhaps you would like to ride, but don’t feel super confident? This is why working with people who understand what it takes and are an expert in their field is so important. Working with people who have experience and passion, will help you feel confident and relaxed during your photo shoot. You don’t have to be a professional horse owner to create stunning photographs or make an idea reality; it’s about celebrating the connection you have with your horse in the most magical and meaningful way. Your photographer should know how to make you feel comfortable in front of their lens. They will also understand horses and horse behaviour and will not ask you to do something you are not comfortable doing.

Perfectionism is another block for those wanting to get creative. You might be worried about your horse’s coat not being shiny enough or that they will misbehave. I want to remind you, it’s essential to understand that the beauty of horses lies in their unique characteristics and personalities, not just their shiny summer coat and perfect manners. I love working with ALL types, capturing their individuality and charm regardless of the time of year. Perfection often lies in the imperfections, creating a more authentic and meaningful portrait.

Another thing that might stop you from creating the magical photos you dream of, is life can get busy, and finding time for a fantasy equine portrait photo shoot might seem challenging. However, it’s worth making the time as this experience is an investment in cherishing the unique bond and love you share with your horse, and creating lasting memories is never a waste of time. I always aim to work with your schedule, and want to make the process as easy as possible. I can do the leg-work for you, or we can work together. Finding the locations, sourcing costumes and props, organizing hair and makeup…it’s all easy when your photographer has the contacts and resources at their fingertips as they’ve done it all before  Remember that the memories you create during the shoot will be idolized for a lifetime by you and your family, the time you spent creating them will be worth every minute.

You might also be thinking about the financial costs when planning a fantasy photo shoot.  Yes, there are costs involved like session fees, costume hire, hair and makeup venue/location hire, wall art etc. However, consider it an investment in preserving the unique relationship and love you share with your horse in art that will be with you for the rest of your life. These will be some of your most treasured possessions in time. Your photographer will offer you options for payment that are flexible and affordable. The value of the experience and the art you get to create will far outweigh the initial monetary cost. Remember also the 10’s of thousands of dollars your photographer has already invested in their craft, knowledge, training, experience, equipment etc to be able to create such an experience for you.

Letting go of the doubt, perfectionism, time constraints, logistical worries, and budget concerns is the first step toward having a beautiful fantasy photo experience with your horse. The second step is to ring your horse photographer and book!

Embrace your fantasies, celebrate you and your horse’s uniqueness, and create memories that you’ll love. Trust in your photographers expertise, and you’ll soon have divinely beautiful photographs that take you to a world of magic and wonder, where dreams come true and last forever. Don’t let anything stop you from experiencing this extraordinary journey with the equine love of your life.

And hey, if you think that maybe I might be the photographer to make these dreams happen, give me a call to chat and lets get a storyboard started for you!

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