2020 – You Kinda Suck…but not completely!

2020 You kinda suck!

So far 2020 has been kinda…well…crap! It’s the last day of August and spring is just around the corner thankfully, so definitely something to look forward to after a year of lockdowns, uncertainty and home schooling, thanks to Covid 19! Dont even get me started on homeschooling…I love to teach photography and have done for years. But I’m a REALLY bad kids teacher. Zero patience, two kids that are not completely independant learners as yet and running on about 2%motivation. Blah Blah Blah. Its been tough. But plenty are doing it tougher.

If you know me, you know im a glass-is-half-full-kinda-gal, so rather than dwell on the lousy stuff, I choose to focus…(get it, focus ;-)) on the good stuff. I have two gorgeous kids. A great hubby (most of the time lol). A comfy home. A job I adore and great family and friends around me. I am SUPER grateful.

How are you doing? How have you managed in this crazy rona world we’re all in? Are you doing ok? Reach out to me, Im here if you need it.♥

There is one really great thing that IS actually happening this year, and that is my Sweet Teen Project. After my Sweet Pony Project last year, it seemed only fitting to follow it up and work with teens and even better, to donate a portion of my session fee to Headspace Australia, who do an amazing job supporting our Teens. After major bushfires devistated many parts of our country earlier this year, that was already stretched to the limit thanks to years of drought, now more than ever mental health is important. Throw in a global pandemic and mental health is a huge concern for many.

So the Sweet Teen project is my way of giving back just a little bit. (You can read all about the project here if you want too). A few of the sessions have already been done, with several more families waiting patiently until we are allowed to travel and have small groups again. Fingers crossed September will see that happen.

It’s been amazing working with these beautiful kids so far. Many have had a rough time recently, and this has given them something to look forward too. I hope it’s also showing them how amazing they can be. For me it’s all about empowering them. Showing them they are brave, Important and special. And giving them something to feel proud about, to be able to look back at their photos and smile.

So what does the rest on the year look like for me???

PRETTY DARN EXCITING I  HAVE TO SAY!  Continuing on with the Teen project will see me booked out until November, and I have some AMAZING personal projects that include all kinds of crazy cool ideas with horses that are currently underway… OMGOSH they are going to be EPIC!  Watch this space for those!

But right now I am busy filming and preparing my workshops for the Bright Festival of Photography in two weeks (Sept 11th-12th-13th). I was lucky enough to be invited back again as a presenter, and while sadly, we can’t get together in person this year, the BFOP crew have gone fully digital and embraced the zoom culture that has grown since March, and you guessed it. A whole weekend of photography awesomeness. With 20+ great presenters and a whole heap of crazy cool stuff planned, it’s the next best thing to a weekend away. If you want to check it out, you can here. Ill be doing two workshops over the weekend, one on preparing for an equine photoshoot and one doing an equine shoot plus an edit on one of the photos from the session. Iv’e just spent all weekend filming me washing our Clydie mare Flossy and doing a photo shoot with her and my 7yo daughter, with Hubby as my helper since we can’t leave home and we cant have visitors. LET’S just say, it’s ALOT easier working with my clients than it is my own family (insert sideways glance emoji here) But hey, we survived!

Well… If you read this far down the page, your awesome and thanks for being here. I’ll sign off now but here’s a few pics from my Sweet Teen Project so far.

Love and Hugs, Louise xxx




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