Freida and Bailey

Freida and Bailey

On Tuesday night (23-02-21) I made the trip up to Warburton, a bit over an hour from home, to photograph  Freida and her stunning Quarter Horse mare Bailey. It’s actually Freida’s 18th      Birthday this coming weekend. They are on a gorgeous property near Mt Donna Buang with big tall trees, steep hills (which nearly killed me lol) Ferny glades and a mossy aquaduct. It’s a really special place. I have been there before, when I photographed Hanna and her gorgeous boy Doc, who share a paddock with Bailey, so I was familiar with the territory. It’s different when you go back to a property where you’ve been before. I knew where the light would be and where all the cool spots were, which was great. What was a bit unusual is how green it was for the end of Feb. Normally at this time of year the grass is brown and dry. Not this year.

Freida and Bailey, along with Hanna and Doc, are a part of my Sweet Teen project with Headspace Australia, which Is close to finishing now that ive been able to work again, and that is super exciting considering it started in Jan 2020. Just a few more teens to photograph, and a book to create and it will be finished. Ill be sad actually, as its been so great meeting these amazing girls with their horses.

Back to Freida and Bailey. These two have been together for a few years now. Bailey is a sensitive mare and it’s taken a while for her to trust. But trust she does. Even thou Bailey is a QH, they event together, where Bailey is a bold and brave jumper and the pair enjoy hitting the trails too. Just goes to show you how versatile the breed is.

You can see there is a unique connection, as soon as Freida is nearby, Baily goes from being fidgety and antsy to calm. I’m sure you’ll agree when you see the photos, these two have something special going on. Sometimes high school life can be tricky. Friendships can be a challenge, raging hormones and dont even talk about boys!   I just hope Freida can see how beautiful her and Bailey are, and how lovely she is with her gorgeous smile, great hair and awesome attitude!

Adulthood is a different place. Scary…yeah, but full of opportunity too. The world is your oyster now Freida and I cant wait to see what you and Bailey have in store ♥…Oh, and if you ever feel like dipping your toe into modelling, I know this great photographer who would love to work with you!


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