Maternity session – not a horse in sight

Angie and Clint

I’m predominatly a horse photographer right! If it doesn’t neigh and have four legs and a tail like a horse, It’s usually not for me. I sometimes get asked to photograph other genres, but I often politely decline. I’m usually just too busy and love horses too much and…well, you know what I mean.

Now here comes the but….BUT! A couple of years ago I had the awesome privilege of photographing Ange and her beautiful horses Tilly and Hunch. It was a fantastic night, so of course when Ange’s mum Debra called me just before Christmas and asked If I would photograph Ange and her partner Clint at their newly renovated property, on the river flats at the foot of Mt Donna Buang AND that Ange was pregnant, well how could I say no.

Fast forward to Monday night this week and we got together to make some special memories. Ange at 32 weeks pregnant looks the picture of good health and even better after being styled by my amazing colleague Ralene from Nombre of hair, who does an incredible job of making a girl feel special.  With Ange dressed to the nines and looking gorgeous along with partner Clint, we headed out to the paddocks on their fabulous property to make some magic. 

Now I’m usually right at home with natural light, and backlighting is my thing. But Monday night had other ideas, the light was flat, dark and quiet frankly, pretty crap. Thankfully, everything else was perfect! From the driveway with the dogs to the dam and then down the back paddock in the ATV (handy when your 32 weeks pregnant or when carrying camera gear 😉 ). There were some old and really BIG trees that looked pretty cool, so we headed for those. And what session would be complete without bringing out the boys toys too.

Clint brought down his schmick Harley to the paddock for some shots and we played there for a while until the sun (if you could call it that) went below the horizon and we all but lost what light we had.

It just so happens that Clint and Ange have their own business. I noticed, as we headed for the paddocks earlier, that there was a truck yard and it was full of them. So as we headed back to the house in the twilight, I suggested we get some photos with the trucks. Now trucks and maternity don’t exactly go hand in hand, but I’m a think-outside-the-box kinda gal and figure that if you grew that business from nothing and it’s your life, then it’s pretty important to you (plus I like pretty shiny things with lots of lights)! So an impromtu shoot with the trucks finished our evening nicely and I think they look awesome!  

Thanks Debra, Ange and Clint. It’s a pretty special thing to capture someones life, especially at this beautiful time, just before parenthood begins.♥

xxx Louise

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